Read “Jamila Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Author’s Literary Legacy” by Chingiz Aitmatov with Rakuten Kobo. It is a very romantic love story of Kirghiz . Aitmatov’s Jamila: An Analysis Louis Aragon’s translation of Jamila into French in made Aitmatov well-known . The Art of Chingiz Aitmatov’s Stories. This week, I wrote a guest post on her *fantastic* blog about Jamila by Chingiz Aitmatov, his first significant work first published in

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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. As I drove off, I turned back and saw her, lost in thought, leaning dejectedly on the fork handle.

And it’s not your fault, either. She took a firm hold of the bridles, led the horses to the trap and began hitching them up. A proud girl, she laughed as always, but I saw how ill-at-ease she was. After, saying his mourning prayer at dawn he went to work in the carpentry shop in the common yard, where he stayed till late in the evening. She’s my brother’s wife, and don’t think there’s no one to protect her! Strangely, the djigits had eyes only for Jamila. I walked alongside, hurrying forward a bit to have a better look at them.

The eldest, Sadyk, had left soon after he married. She emerged with streaming hair, more beautiful than ever. He would wash it and then put it on while it was still damp, for he had no other.

Could he chingizz sleep there? I imagined the August steppe at night, I imagined that I heard his song and saw him with his head thrown back and his throat bare, I saw Jamila leaning against his shoulder. aiymatov

Little Soldier Chyngyz Aitmatov E-bok. Fiercely jmila, she resists, but must make choices in order to survive. To one side dark briar-covered cliffs hung over the road; to the other, from far below, from the thicket of rose-willow and young poplars, the restless Kurkureu rushed on.


I saw her arms drop, she leaned towards him and laid her head lightly on jamkla shoulder. More often in jest, but sometimes quite seriously, I was called “the supporter of the two families”, the protector and bread-winner.

Jamila (Jamilá) by Chingiz Aitmatov, |

Everything was the same, only there was no Asel with me. Did you know that you would never turn into a fish, that you would never reach Issyk-Kul, or see the white ship, or say to it: Sprays of icy drops hit my face.

Daniyar’s eyebrows twitched, he gazed at her with love and sadness and replied so quietly I could not hear his words; then he quickly walked back to his trap, looking rather pleased. A lot of totally superficial narration when the images should communicate everything and they do, because the cinematography is done well, most of the time. Next morning I awoke with joy.

Life had chased him like a rolling stone. Add the first question. This time Daniyar led the horses out to pasture. Lightning flashed in the cloud banks high over the mountains. You should bear up with the rest. I did not know what to call it and do not know now; rather, I cannot determine whether it was the voice alone or something bigger, something that came from the soul, something capable of arousing the same emotion in another, capable of bringing to life one’s innermost thoughts.

She did it too, and only once did she ask me to show her how to adjust the reins. We had lots of fun together, chasing each other round the yard and laughing and laughing. Many were the times when she’d stand with a heavy sack on her shoulders, suddenly gripped by a strange timidity, as if she were standing on the bank of a rushing current and did not know whether to cross it or not. Jamila loved to sing.



The trotting horses’ backs joggled in the dark, the trap rattled unbearably, the reins kept slipping from my hands. And when I said: Close Window Loading, Please Wait! For some reason or other, I did not think about that then. His duty to the spirits of his ancestors compelled him to do this, for he was the deceased man’s closest relative.

Daniyar trudged onwards, swaying like one in a trance, onwards, towards the red-hot iron roof, up the sagging boards of the gangway. Perhaps she was thinking: By then people began gathering from all sides; the soldier discovered his friends and relations in the crowd, he was bombarded with questions. He had just finished oiling the wheels of his trap and was now tightening the spokes. In fact, this greatest love story, for as much as they show to you about it, looks fairly trivial.

Close by, behind a low wall, a locomotive was manoeuvring into position, throwing out tight knots of hot steam and giving off a smell of burnt slag. She’ll die in the gutter someplace. It was as if she were still a child. I understood why he spent his evenings on the look-out hill and his nights alone on the river bank, why he was constantly listening to sounds inaudible to others, and why his eyes would suddenly sparkle and his usually drawn eyebrows twitch.

Yes, she was my first love, the love of my childhood. The three of them can deliver the grain to the station, and then who’ll ever dare approach your daughter-in-law?