Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. What can a 16th-century priest tell a 21st-century “In his book, Heroic Leadership, Chris Lowney uses the history and tradition of the Jesuit order to articulate a model for authentic, moral leadership. heroic-leadership-3d Chris Lowney’s landmark first book, Heroic Leadership, was a # 1 ranked bestseller of the CBPA, was named a finalist for a Book of the. of poverty, chastity and obedience to the Jesuit general in Rome, Chris Lowney Lowney’s years in business revealed that leadership challenges, “Heroic Leadership” is a book which lay out a leadership approach that.

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With fewer supervisors to give direction, most workers are on their own most of the time, independently prioritising and ploughing through responsibilities.

Founded in by ten men with no capital and no business plan, the Jesuits have been a source of innovation and discovery ever since. John of the Cross. Decreasing birth rates in developing countries since the s is creating a worldwide war for herioc that will only worsen over time.

Individuals who thrive in this environment are those who can learn, innovate, exercise good judgement, take responsibility for their actions and take risks.

Jesuits were exhorted to go further than wholehearted service. The Spiritual Exercises Oeadership St. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Jesuits approach leadershp in a totally different light revealing 4 main differences from modern leadership theory: Instead, love-driven leaders hunger to see latent potential blossom and to help it happen.


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They find exactly these same attributes in others and passionately commit to honouring and unlocking the potential they find in themselves and in others. The Essential Collection of Saint Augustine.

Out of this worldview, love-driven Jesuits worked with passion and courage so that individuals could thrive in environments of greater love than fear.

Innumerable fifteen second transactions turn into hours of interaction over a month.

I never complete the task of becoming a leader. The Church of Mercy. Three Homilies on the Power of Satan.

Developed by the Jesuit founder Ignatius Loyola, they were called Spiritual Exercises as they are actions to be done not rules to be studied. As the world becomes an even more complex place and change takes place faster than ever, it becomes increasingly clear that only those with a deeply ingrained capacity for continuous learning and self reflection stand a chance of surfing the waves of change successfully.

People can make difficult decisions without having to appeal to higher levels in the organisation each time because they know what end result is desired. It Can’t Happen Here.

If a strong set of individual beliefs, goals and values is key for individual success, is a strong corporate culture of shared values and practices key for corporate success?


Heroic Leadership – A Summary

The Jesuits realised that an organisation can grow only as fast as available capital, talent and management capacity to oversee the growth. Who invented the yardstick that measures some as leaders and others as merely teachers, parents, friends or colleagues? They were quick, flexible and open to new ideas.

If making the mission personal and creating a supportive culture were two ingredients for instilling heroism, the third was giving each individual the opportunity to contribute meaningfully. Loyola understood what every competent therapist understands about self-discovery, and what every quality manager understands about motivation: Best-selling author Chris Lowney, a Jesuit-seminarian-turned-investment-banker, breaks down the four guiding principles of Jesuit formation and how they foster dynamic, effective leadership and achieve longevity.

Heroic Leadership : Chris Lowney :

Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of St. This is a book to be enjoyed, pondered, and put into practice. Please review your cart. Herojc Simple, Life-Changing Prayer.

No one lacking the requisite technical skills would naively waltz into a company and expect to succeed. Obedience confers speed to the enterprise, allowing managers to recognise and respond to opportunities aggressively. Dark Night of the Soul.