17 Apr General d’Armee Napoleonic rules will be on display at Salute 22nd April British Grenadier: Deluxe Errata · General de Brigade Deluxe QRS. 17 Apr General d’Armee Napoleonic rules will be on display at Salute 22nd April Feel free to come along, chat and even take command of a brigade or . British Grenadier: Deluxe Errata · General de Brigade Deluxe QRS. In response to the many questions regarding the differences between General de Brigade 2nd edition and the Deluxe edition I’ll listed the main.

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The scenarios cover a variety of actions from small engagements that can be played in a couple of hours, to large-scale combats involving several divisions. Purchase Information Where to Buy: Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Scenarios Stavelot Arinez Vittoria Rocchetta. Rules Introductions General de Brigade: Volume 1 presents ten historical scenarios designed for use with General de Brigade Napoleonic wargames rules or any Napoleonic rules system.


The key challenges in playing General de Brigade Deluxe are command and control, correct formations, for both battalions and brigadesand delxue or compensating for particular national traits. Top Searches in the UK coins metal detector hornby rc 50p coins rc car collectables hornby train sets reborn doll drone dolls house n gauge rc plane kiln steam engine stationary engines typewriter tamiya deer antlers pokemon cards golly scalextric oo gauge demijohns petrol rc car traxxas warhammer pop vinyl train set taxidermy spinning wheel.


General de Brigade Official Website. View all for sale. Also included are numerous optional rules, such as Russian commissars, demolition vehicles, river crossings, etc; three introductory scenarios, an extensive points system including easy to use standard platoon costings and extensive and detailed TOE’s covering Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States.

Amendments General de Brigade: Many of the already fast play mechanisms have been tweaked for even more rapid and smooth play. Model trailer Ipswich, Suffolk. Ad posted 18 days ago. PanzerGrenadier Deluxe is a very different game to its predecessor and distinct from other existing rule sets. Your HQ units are important; as you’ll find those units under command operate reasonably well, whereas those brigave out of command will drain your command of its vital HQ Impetus. PanzerGrenadier Deluxe can be used with 15mm or 20mm figures though mm and even 28mm figures can be used and can be played at either a 1: By using this site you agree to the use of cookies.

The latest update on the progress of the new Pickett’s Charge! Quick reference sheet, unit status markers and artillery template are also provided. Posted by David Brown at 6: Good as new as made only once. Purchase Information Where to Buy: Ad posted 21 days ago. Both versions of the rulebook come with a gloss laminated full colour 4 page Quick Reference Sheet.


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General de Brigade

General de Brigade Deluxe Edition is available in 2 formats. Posted by David Brown at 9: This ad has Ended. View all in property. American Civil War rules has now been added to the Guns at Gettysburg thread: Hornby stephensons rocket in excellent working order with 25ft of track and box.

One corner of the box is slightly damaged.

General de Brigade

Ad posted 24 days ago. View all in motors. None of your usual having to cut out the playsheet nonsense here, this is a Deluxe Edition after all!.

Please check your SPAM folder for my reply. Second Edition Amendments Guns at Gettysburg: