Causas de la infertilidad masculina decreased sperm motility ( astenozoospermia) or the decrease of normal sperm (teratozoospermia). Teratozoospermia or teratospermia is an increase of abnormal sperm in a man’s sperm. Although the exact causes of teratozoospermia are unknown, we know Te compartimos las causas y síntomas de las infecciones. Teratozoospermia: low percentage of sperm with normal morphology. It can have its origin in the testicles or have a cytogenetical cause. This condition rarely.

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Schedule an appointment Contact Us. Partial blockage The blockage of one of seminal vesicles results in the semen having sperm cells produced in one single testicle. The spermiogramm is a test to analyze the semen which is a fluid containing spermatozoa and seminal plasma.


Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia is the most common alteration on the sperm of infertile men. Views Read Edit View history.

Creation of oxygen free radicals or oxidative stress Abnormal chromatin packaging Deficiencies in recombination Apoptosis after the release of the sperm from the tube External causes that can cause or increase the previous factors: If it is below 3 million IVF will be the most appropriate treatment. Varicocele is another condition that is often associated with decreased normal forms morphology. Although some patients may not have any symptoms, the most common ones are pain and infertility.


This sample will be used to carry out the following procedures: In testing for teratozoospermia, sperm are collected, stained and analyzed under a microscope to detect abnormalities. There are two forms of azoospermia: The meiosis study is performed on a sample obtained with a testicular biopsy. The term refers to the increase in the number of small cysts antral follicles that can be observed on the ovary surface when analysed in an ultrasound scan.

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services and to show you advertisements related to your preferences through analysis of your browsing habits. When carried on sperm the FISH allows us to determine the percentage of diploids basic chromosome number doubled and aneuploids abnormal chromosome number which can decrease fertility.

Causes of male infertility – FecunMed

The reference values fixed by the World Health Organization to assess the sperm parameters are detailed below:. When a couple is unable to conceive it is necessary to find out the underlying causes of infertility. Although this, the most important part of the test is the microscopic study.

Male genetic testing In some cases it may be necessary to complete the basic fertility testing with genetic investigations to detect genetic and chromosomal abnormalities that may lead to sterility and infertility. What type of injuries affects the fallopian tubes?

The FISH test is an accurate technique to evaluate the frequencies of numerical chromosomal abnormalities in a cell. Please help improve this article if you can. Swollen blood vessels around the testicles. Hermann Behre; Eberhard Nieschlag Testicular infertility factors view talk edit.

  ASTM D2697 PDF

Some hormonal disorders, such as the hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, reduce sperm production in the testicles. Male Reproductive Health and Dysfunction. It could be due to the presence of chemicals, infections, immunological processes cahsas the seminal fluid or genetic abnormalities affecting the sperm structure.

Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. In terms of men, the main causes of male infertility are: In these cases it is not possible to use drugs to improve the sperm quality and therefore the only option that may offer higher chances of success is to use assisted conception techniques. Contamination Smoking High testicular temperature fever, tight clothes Drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Metabolic changes due to overweight Age Pathological: With Ingenes, 9 out of 10 couples to return home with a baby.

It can cause obstruction of the tubes or the formation of endometrioma ovarian cysts, which occasionally require surgery, with the attendant loss of ovarian tissue and decrease in fertility.