This adventure is designed for and fully compatible with the Castles & Crusades ® Role Playing Game and the Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh adventure and. Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works — or, more precisely, Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works — is the coda that brings the symphony of. As I noted in Part II, I like Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works. I believe it’s a very fine product and well worth the money I spent on it. I also think it’s.

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That’s why I bought it and I’m sure many others did as well. Unfortunately, the Upper Works aren’t where the Castle “lives. Get all the old hands that can be found who adventured in Gary’s Castle Greyhawk dungeons.

Castle Zagyg : Yggsburgh, Volume 1

Ideally, though, these would be an addendum to a more polished product, created with extensive help from those most familiar with Gary’s mega-dungeon. There are many valid approaches a company could take that would, I think, do justice to this most famous of megadungeons. All three were originally conceived by Gygax as extra-planar extensions of the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk. This is what a flagship product looks like. Its organization should have included at the very least an index and better cross-referencing and I don’t think it’s asking too much in expecting an overview of the entirety of the Castle and its levels.

I dunno, I think this is kind of missing the point. InTSR, Inc. Rob Kuntz’s business model is perfect if you’re talking about very narrow-interest collector’s items intended to be sold at premium prices to a few hundred people at most. I was a little leery of the fact that TUW wasn’t shrink-wrapped when I got my copy as well.

That it was also, by most standards, also the first product in the line to attempt to make good on what most fans expected from it only makes this fact zaghg to accept. This is a terrific Rob Kuntz game for castles and crusades. Amityville Mike December 27, at 4: In general I agree with your comments. As it is, what we have is a solid — dare I say “workmanlike? Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Here lay his apothecaries, his conservatory, and solarium.


An extensive dungeon complex lies below the towers. There’s part of me that has come to believe it might casfle better to never ccastle what those dungeons were truly like. And the guy at the store told me that they themselves had shrink-wrapped it.

Christopher B December 29, at 3: In those early days, for exploring outwith the caetle area of the castle and nearby city there was no “Flanaess”; Gygax’s world map of “Oerth” was simply drawn over cxstle map of North America. However, there were two things Gary couldn’t predict.

Known as “The Mad Archmage,” Zagig ruled over the Free City of Greyhawk from the Castle for approximately the next years, after which he abandoned the Castle and mysteriously disappeared.

Blixy September 29, at 7: It would also make it seem like Rob was the “brains” behind it, something Gary would protest and would not be true.

Castle Greyhawk

Well, I guess my view of the project may be skewed from hanging out on the Troll Lord Games forums and what I read in the Yggsburgh campaign setting and Dark Chateaubut it always seemed fairly clear to me that the purpose was to produce a playable version of Castle Greyhawk. I never saw that interview. Dark Chateau hinted at much but was ultimately constrained by the fact that it was quite clearly a “space filler,” a bone thrown to gamers while they chomped at the bit for the main course of Castle Zagyg itself.

Nevertheless, the lack of shrink-wrap suggested to me a kind of slapdash approach that I feared might carry over to the contents of the boxed set itself.

If Gygax had wanted the public to have access to them, we already would. First of all, he didn’t realize that his own health would start hurting. caztle


You can still see the artistry of the original piece of art, but it’s muted compared to what it must have looked like fresh from the brush of the Master. Alas, such hopes proved to be misplaced. A finished product designed by Gygax and preferably developed and entirely authored by him I might have bought to play, though ideally someone else would buy it and I would participate as a player.

GROGNARDIA: REVIEW: Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works (Part III of III)

They have great ideas, it is just that their execution is a bit off. A few months after I first started slinging dice, I heard about Castle Greyhawk. I’m convinced that since GG moved it’s IP elsewhere, we are going to see further CZ products of better quality and quicker pace.

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Castle Zagyg : Gary Gygax :

Even I, for all my complaints and nitpicks, can’t grade it too harshly. Similarly, TSR’s The World of Greyhawk folio and World of Greyhawk boxed set provided information regarding the campaign setting at large, but no detail regarding Castle Greyhawk. For me, TUW, like the entire Castle Zagyg line, is timid and mundane when it should have been daring and otherworldly. I can not say the same of this product.

Instead of being grateful that the original was preserved, however badly damaged it was from the toll of years, I found myself thinking it zatyg less impressive than the stories I had read of it from those who saw it in its glory.

Part of that is because I zagygg play the castlw myself. The house there he built of stone, and around it a great fence. I speculate that Gary did this more or less as a favor to the Trolls. Later the folk of Yggsburgh lear.