Dec 27, Part-I and beyond Kalagnanam(Prophecies) of Sri Sri Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy (Tamil Translation of the English. In Ninth chapter of Kalagnanam book of Brahmamgari matam, Saint Sarvajna predicted that by Kaliyuga years, Delhi Muslim kings will be no more. I own the site KALAGNANAM | కాలఙ్ఞానం You can find many things And blessed can vision ‘Parabrahmam’ in the Sun | 11th Chapter of Kalagnanam.

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America will love a man born from shepherd family, with half his body white and half of black.

Kalagnanam Book Telugu Total

A large volume of the predictions are kept under the banyan tree of Banaganapalle. Rains wouldn’t fall in time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

People of smith caste Engineers would become jobless. Religious people would become disinterested in Religious rights. Deva-Pitru Karya religious rights towards God and departed forefathers, like Yagna, Shraddha etc would not be done but people would start preaching upadesam wise words to others. And dates which are mentioned in brahmam gari kalagnanam book in matches before AD and does not matches after AD.


Demonage where the demons rule over divinity. Om hreem kleem shreem sivaaya brahmane namaha or Om hreem kleem shreem sivaaya shree veera Brahmendra swamyne namaha.

People belonging to Sudra caste workers would adopt lies as habit, would stay in the company of bad people and would finally go from rack to ruin. GPS Photo Tagger 1.

brahmam gari kalagnanam telugu

Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the. Kayamat or final judgment day process the remaining years would be spent.

Admin December 27, Amma kamakathaikal, amma kamakathaikal with photos, kamakathaikal in Tamil Font. Lord Srisaila Mallikarjuna will speak to lay humans.

Sorry to ask my doubts. Saturn entered Gemini in the years,and Hi am interested to join the conversation… Is this brahmam gari kalagnanam book in still alive. Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 5.

Articles needing additional references from Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in All articles needing additional references All stub articles. Some says kali yuga is 4,32, years n 4,27, years still has to go for kali yuga end…. Airbus A Payware y Free. And they cost the same. On Sky paths, the destroyers will arrive with great sounds causing irritations. So, it can be concluded that Kaliyugam started in year B. What are the worst kalagnanwm that happened in Odisha? Search for Windows Ce Igo Primo.


There may be many yugasandhis in one Padam itself.

What are incidents mentioned in Kalagnanam that are about to happen? – Quora

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In Season 5, Rick and the others face their captors at Terminus. This Pin was discovered by Bollypedia. The Walking Dead Season 2 http: A flood of 7 men ft.

Communal riots would increase excessively in all the places.

Most of his predictions brahmam gari kalagnanam book in come true and rest kalwgnanam yet to come true. The only way is to sacrifice our time towards Almighty God I. Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day. When Saturn enters a zodiac he remains there for 2. As per astronomical prophecies mentioned by subbarayachari onlyyear has best probability for Vasanataraya birth.